Dear ISLA families,

On May 9th the State Board of Education denied ISLA’s petition. We are all extremely disappointed in the decision, particularly since we had had assurances from State Staff that undertaking our second petition effort was a good idea, and that there was nothing we should do to further improve the petition itself.

In the week leading up to the final board meeting we received 128 letters of support, expressing all the reasons why families need ISLA. In his recently unveiled Global California 2030, the new Superintendent of Public Instruction of LAUSD stated: “The mission of Global California 2030 is to equip our students with the world language skills to succeed in the global economy and to fully engage with the diverse mixture of cultures and languages found in California and throughout the world.” This mission coincides precisely with ISLA’s.

Your continued support, and our own knowledge that our mission answers the needs of the community of Los Angeles, give us faith in the possibility that ISLA may yet come to life. We are exploring further options to create ISLA, but we cannot do it without new team members to help push the project forward. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved!

Thanks as always for your support,

The ISLA Development Team