Dear ISLA families, 

At the Board Meeting on November 7th, the LAUSD board denied ISLA’s petition, as we had expected for various reasons. Based on our past experience with Glendale Unified School District, we know denials are not un-common, and our next step is to petition the County for approval. To refresh everyone’s memory, ISLA previously petitioned first GUSD, then the County and then the State Board of Education, where we were conditionally approved. 

We were heartened by the comment in favor of ISLA made by David Tokofsky, a former LAUSD board member unaffiliated with us, who suggested that by denying ISLA, LAUSD was missing an opportunity for innovation (Special Board Meeting – November 7, 2017, 1:42:06-1:44:14.

We remain very hopeful that our petition will be approved. We are currently preparing our appeal to the County Board of Education, and plan to file as soon as possible.

Thank you to those who came to support us, and spoke on our behalf.

See you at the County!

The ISLA Development Team