Hello ISLA families,

Thank you for submitting your Intent to Enroll forms – with your help we were able to more than double the number of forms for our submission!


On Tuesday, November 7th, the LAUSD board will vote on whether or not to authorize ISLA in LAUSD.


    1. Come to the board meeting! We need people to show up to demonstrate community support for ISLA. Anyone can come – bring your family, invite your friends to support you, or send the grandparents in your place.

      DATE: Tuesday, November 7th
      TIME: We have been asked to arrive at 12:00 pm for a 1:00 pm meeting start, but stay tuned for confirmation on the time
      WHERE: Los Angeles Unified School District, 333 South Beaudry Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90017It will be a busy and crowded meeting, so be prepared to be patient! And if you can’t make it to this meeting, please save the date for January 2018 at the LA County Office of Education. We are ready to appeal to LACOE in the event that we are not approved by LAUSD, and we will need your support there as well.

    2. Write to the LAUSD board members BY FRIDAY, expressing your desire to see ISLA authorized.
      Here are the board members’ email addresses: george.mckenna@lausd.net, monica.garcia@lausd.net, schmerelson@lausd.net, nick.melvoin@lausd.net, ref.rodriguez@lausd.net, kelly.gonez@lausd.net, richard.vladovic@lausd.net

Talking points:

– As a community, we need more capacity for immersion. There are many more families who want immersion for their children than there are spaces in existing programs for French, German, Italian and Spanish.- We need a robust and sustainable continuation of immersion in middle school. No such program exists for French, German or Italian at a public school.- We need late immersion starting in middle school, on the model of the highly successful International Studies Charter Middle/High School in Miami. No such program exists at a public school.

– By authorizing ISLA, the LAUSD board will make it possible for many more families to give their children the gift of a bilingual education.

– The California Department of Education has made bilingual education a priority, pointing out that: “For all students bilingualism is a cognitive and linguistic asset.” These assets include: “better working memory, abstract reasoning skills, attentional control, and problem solving skills.” In addition, bilingual education “promotes healthy self-image, pride in one’s heritage, and greater connection with one’s community.”[i]

Students in dual language programs have been shown to perform better in both English and Math than students in English-only programs. This is true for all groups, including English Learners, Students of Low Socio-Economic Status and African American Students.[ii]

In the long term, two-way immersion has been shown to have the best outcomes of any program for English learners in achieving literacy in both English and their primary language.[iii]


[i] Collins, J., et al. English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework for California Public Schools. Sacramento, CA: California Department of Education, 2015, p. 61.[ii] Wayne T., and V. Collier. Dual Language Education for a Transformed World. Albuquerque, NM: Dual Language Education of New Mexico/Fuente Press, 2012, pp. 65-89.[iii] Collier, V., & Thomas, W. “The Astounding Effectiveness of Dual Language Education for All.” NABE Journal of Research and Practice, 2.1 (2004), pp. 1-20.